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What Is GrandparentsRock
Welcome to - created for baby boomers who know, beyond any doubt, that being a groovy grandparent is a state of mind, a special state of consciousness, notwithstanding age, health, financial status, ability or disability.

A Special Welcome to the adult children of baby boomers who've come here to find unique gifts and to discover how they can enroll their parents as "hip grandparents".

And, of course, a WELCOME to all of you grandkids who've been lucky to find this site!

is The Grandparenting Guide For The Rock-and-Roll Generation. It's a treasury for you active baby boomers who want to embrace the fun of grandparenthood! Yes, you now have permission to bypass boredom, to forget about being serious, stuffy, or stodgy.

We become a grandparent without previous experience, other than having had a child in our life - whether by birth, by adoption or second, third or whatever new marriage. What kind of grandparent we are, and the quality of grandparent we become is our own choice, our responsibility, and our privilege.


Grandparenting is a joyous experience!
It's our brand-new opportunity to be childlike in freedom, to play, to be silly - and have our grandchildren fully enjoy our playfulness. So let's feel free to be silly - before it's called senile.
Grandparents Rock
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Grandparents Rock:
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