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"My association with Pat Burns extends a decade and began with the launching of Bud Freedman's Improv Educational Division. Our instant and mutual affection for one another grew into perhaps one of the most significant influences of my professional life. Pat Burns has the unique ability to see beyond an idea to turn ideas into realized reality! Pat is at once an encourager and a motivator but moreover, a selfless giver. I owe a great deal to Pat professionally and personally."

Guy Owen

Corporate Communications

"Pat is a warm pool of courage for the soul. She has eyes like Elizabeth Taylor and a soul like Mother Theresa. The world is a better place because she is here for all of us. Our horizon is bolder, broader and more colorful because of Pat Burns."

Jacqueline Hall

CEO, The Hall Group, Inc.
Creating New Energy, Houston, Texas

"Pat is not only a suburb facilitator, director, organizer and marketing expert, she is also a great friend. Trust this woman; she will take you where you want to go."

Andrew Wells, Savitri MacCuish

Directors, Life Foundation International

"Personal support takes on a higher dimension when one interacts with Pat Burns. She has always been there for me when needed in ways far more than I ever expected. Whenever anything good flows back to Pat it is a small return for all that she gives."

Marshall Thurber

Successful attorney, Real estate developer, editor, businessman, educator, scholar, inventor, negotiator, author, visionary and public speaker

"You bring joy, comedic relief, high energy, compassion and organizational skills par excellence to your work with all of us. You are so effective in working with people that even Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen know to listen when your voice of reason suggests we move forward or stay on schedule. You have taken time from your busy schedule to connect me to more than one "million dollar rolodex" for my projects. I sincerely thank you for all that you do in helping me ADVANCE NOW!"

Joyce Shaffer, PhD

Empowerment Expert

"Pat Burns was a hit with my audience. She spoke to the Network for Empowering Women about "vision" and every single woman left her presentation feeling completely inspired, educated and ready to achieve their dreams. Thank you for infusing us all with your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm."

Christine Kloser

Founder, NEW Entrepreneurs, Inc.

"Pat Burns? I could gust for paragraphs - even pages. Here is a boiled down version: Pat Burns is a brilliant woman with zest and passion for life. She's amazing. She is the coordinator for one of most important projects: The Inner Circle. When we first launched this project, we knew that there could not be anyone better to work with us personally to help launch it. She's brilliant."

Robert G. Allen

Five times #1 New York Times best selling author.
Educator and millionaire maker.

"Pat is a visionary leader that quietly and effectively gets results with speed, finesse, excellence and elegance. We give her a task and know that it will be handle in an omni-effective way. Her skills as a people person are unmatched by anyone. We run a very high end educational business, where individuals are paying us $25,000 each to play and work with us. Pat runs our "Inner Circle" so brilliantly that she makes it look easy and effortless, which is a phenomenal and acculturated skill that is unique to her lifelong working, thinking and soul efforting."

Mark Victor Hansen

Co creator of the entire Chicken Soup for the Soul enterprise.
Co author of the Power of Focus and The One Minute Millionaire...The Enlightened Way to Wealth

"Pat Burns is a mover and shaker in the highest sense of those words. Where she moves old patterns shake loose and new ones emerge. She is a creator of both visions and realities, and she has the energy not only to inspire but to ensure their creation. Follow her and you'll go somewhere. Join her and you'll love where you are going."

Daphne Rose Kingma

Best selling author and counselor

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