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Table Of Contents

Grandparents Rock

Chapter 1
"Shake, Rattle and Roll"
opens the book by sharing reactions to becoming a grandparent. See the sample chapter below.

Chapter 2
"Let It Be"
is about providing unconditional acceptance as a special gift of grandparenting.

Chapter 3
"96 Tears"
offers ideas and suggestions on how to handle crying grandchildren.

Chapter 4
"The Purple People Eaters"
speaks to the benefit of telling silly, outrageous stories. My grandson prefers my made-up stories to anything I read to him. The more outlandish, the better he likes them.

Chapter 5
"Bye Bye Love"
tackles the difficult subject of parents splitting up, and the delicate task of staying neutral for the sake of your grandchild.

Chapter 6
"Easier Said Than Done"
shows how to bond when you don't live just down the street. Long-distance relationships are more common with today's very mobile younger generation. Scheduling trips and frequent mailings and email are critical in building a meaningful grandparenting experience.

Chapter 7
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun"
recommends playing board games, building tents as forts, swimming, going to the beach, and many other fun activities to build a memorable relationship with grandkids.

Chapter 8
"Happy Together"
The line, I can't see me lovin' nobody but you says it all. Singing a fun, sweet song creates lasting memories, and this Happy Together is the best.
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